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About this Workshop

How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile to Consistently Attract and Land New High-Paying Business Opportunities

For professionals who want to discover how they can use LinkedIn to grow their business and gain massive visibility — YOU are in the right place.

How many LinkedIn profile visits do you get every month? What happens with all those viewers?

Imagine if you could create a strategy to convert even one of these profiles into a client or new job.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Setting up your LinkedIn profile the correct way and optimizing your strategy is the fastest and most important way to get the most out of LinkedIn.

We have six amazing experts who have been helping thousands of clients around the world with profiles, content, and outreach.

Remember that only 2% of active users post content regularly. We can teach you in only a couple of hours how to make your profile and content stand out from 98% of your competition!

Here’s what will happen if you have a stellar LinkedIn profile and content strategy:

  • Future clients or employers will take you a lot more seriously
  • ​You will get more LinkedIn connections and expand your network (your network is your net worth)
  • You will receive more offers from people in your industry
  • ​​Your profile will be suggested to people in your target audience
  • These and many other awesome benefits can be possible with some tweaks to your LinkedIn strategy.

This workshop will give you the exact step-by-step strategies you need to succeed – click the button below and get started today!

Member Reviews


“My TLB Club membership is priceless, paying dividends in professional development opportunities, events, and global friendships with brilliant, supportive colleagues."


“The trainings, again, are fantastic. They are jam packed with current information, relevant information, and so much value. I am just really blown away. I do every single thing I can to attend each training. And if you can't attend each training, they're recorded. And, you can play them back at a future time, which I have also done. So in just the 3 or 4 months that I've been a member and involved, I've built some fantastic friendships, some really strong relationships, and I can't even tell you how much I've learned already. So thank you.”